Discount Broker in India

Discount Broker in India

Discount Broker in India: An introduction

If we talk about the discount stock broker, it is a firm that simply offers trading services at lesser brokerage than the full-service broker. Best discount broker in India may even present up to 90 times more concession on brokerage fees. That comes under the category of deep discounters. Over a decade ago, only traditional brokers were prevalent under the range of the Indian stock market. Soon, with the progressions and advancements, the online discount broking concept arose in 2010. This concept of trading emerged as a revolution in stock broking Industry and preferred over the full-service brokers nowadays. An astute trader generally chooses feasible plans to boost the trading in one way or another. The standard discount brokerage firm is not limited to offering discounted rates only but it also aims to avoid even slightest constraint in the trade process. The importance of perfect discount broker has been rising day by day. Here, in this knowledge base, you can get the better idea of what the best online discount broker in India has under its premises.

Character traits of the best discount broker in India

The best online discount stock broker has the following attributes:

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Which is the best discount broker in India?

These days ample discount broking companies exist. And, most of them claim to offer the lowest brokerage. However, only a few coordinate with their assertions, rest others spread false misconceptions and impose additional/hidden charges. Such online discount brokers charge the hefty amount on per trade basis or they may collect money on the name of upfront charges applicable monthly or yearly.

However, Wisdom Capital emerged as the best discount broker by outperforming top 10 discount brokers in India. We provide our clients the pocket-friendly trading services in equities, F&O/derivatives at NSE/BSE and commodities at MCX/NCDEX and currency. Being recognized as the top discount brokerage firm in 2018, our presence is also reflected as the best discount broker for commodity trading in India.

Many investors/traders remain unaware in the starting that where it would be worth investing and how much brokerage they are going to pay. With the right discount broker in India, you would realize that how much money you can save on your overall trades. Yes, investors or traders can even save up to 90% on brokerage expenses by trading through perfect discount stock broker.

Wisdom Capital is the best discount broker in India, how?

In accordance with what we have said in our prior note, we affirm our minimal brokerage rates in the whole stock broking industry. We also never compromise with the quality of our trading services. Apart from Zero brokerage, we provide the highest margin in intraday trading i.e. up to 60 times in equities. You can also get the benefits of add-on plans added as an extra perk for experienced traders out there. The updated versions of a web, desktop, and mobile trading applications give you the seamless trading experience. Enroll in the stock trading with the technology-driven convenient approach.

The catch here is that the alternative of free stock trading in any segment is present with Wisdom Capital only. One can also understand that it is a perfect discount broker in India by getting a full-length view of brokerage plans here ( As per the reviews on social platforms, we are appreciated for our brokerage plans that suit all kinds of traders. Few traders have also addressed us as the best discount broker for beginners in India. You can also get a glimpse of our brokerage plan here:

Features of Freedom Plan –

Get to know more about best discount Stock broker

You can check the account opening and brokerage details in short from the tables given below:

Trading Account Opening Fees

Rs 0

Trading AMC

Rs 0

Demat Account Opening Fees

Rs 0

Demat Maintenance Charges

Rs 999 + GST(1 time)

Brokerage Charges of Best online discount broker in India

Equities0.00%0.005% Intraday & Delivery0.007% intraday & Delivery
F&O0.00%Rs 9/ tradeFuture: 0.005% and Options: Rs 15/lot
Commodity0.00%Rs 9/ trade0.007% intraday and delivery

Stock Trading through Top Discount broker in India

After looking into the insights of Top discount brokers in India, it has been observed that Wisdom Capital offers least brokerage. The commission asked by the firm is very less and reasonable. The discount brokerage firm is progressing well in terms of other services and earning customers’ trust on the large scale. You get a better trading portfolio with the best discount broker. With the free access to trading terminals, one can experience easy and simple trading track to take a dive in the stock market. Enjoy dynamic trading with decent features of the mobile trading application. The penny stock broker provides the opportunity to make huge money based gains and also lets you manage the trading portfolio on your own. The online discount broker gives assurance of the safe transactions.

Few facts about best discount broker

Some significant traits of the leading discount broker in India 2018 are being the pioneer in offering Zero Brokerage charges in all the market segments(Equities, F&O, Currency, and Commodity market in India), Wisdom Capital has been appeared as the best discount broker by traders’ choice.

Importance of Discount Brokers in India

Apart from discussing the features of the best discount broker in India 2017 and 2018, let us take into account what made traders switch to discount brokers. Although there are two main types of brokers in the stock broking industry still people are relying more on discount brokers these days. Discount brokerage firms provide similar trading services as full-service brokers but at much-reduced and commissions. They provide almost all the trade-oriented services and platforms except trading advice and research calls. These online discounters slash the cost per trade.

Compare best discount broker in India with other discount stock brokers here

Discount Brokers in IndiaTrading Account Opening FeeDemat AMCBrokerage in NSE all SegmentsBrokerage in MCX/NCDEX
Wisdom CapitalFreeLifetime Free0.00%0.00%
RKSVRs 200Rs 150 per yearRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower
SAS OnlineRs 300Rs 200Rs 9/TradeRs 9/Trade
Trade Smart onlineRs 200Rs 300Rs 15/executed orderRs 15/executed order
ZerodhaRs 200Rs300Rs 20/Trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/Trade or 0.01% whichever is lower
SAMCOZeroRs400 per yearRs 20/Trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/Trade or 0.01% whichever is lower
5PaisaRs 650(1 time)Rs400 per yearRs 10/executed orderTrading in MCX is not available
Trade JiniRs 200Rs300 per yearRs 20/executed orderRs 20/executed order
ProstocksZeroRs1000Rs 15/executed orderTrading in MCX is not available
FyresZeroRs400 per yearRs 20/executed orderTrading in MCX is not available

Extended range of discount brokers

A few discount brokers in India are also recognized as deep discounters. Such discount broking companies operate stock and option trades at a minimum flat rates. Discount brokers India emerged a few years ago. Despite not having the existence as old as the full time brokers, the discount brokers have set the solid base. The facilities offered by them are none less than the traditional brokers. The online discount brokerage firms are very popular among young traders. You get free access to various trading platforms by most of the discount brokers in India. By considering the leading discount brokers, you can only cut down the brokerage expenses up to 80%.

If you dream to do well in commodities market, seek the best discount broker for commodity trading in India. With discount brokers, you can avoid high brokerage fees and manage trading on your own. That helps build a solid foundation of experience and knowledge at the low cost in lesser time.

The genuine discount brokerages firms have walk-in offices, where you can resolve and get assistance regarding any trade trouble. In-depth understanding of the market scenario helps you seek more profit in the stock market. Discount brokers extend the facilities to 24/7 helpline services to assist you out regarding any issue and online transactions. Such brokers in India allow you to trade from your home. Furthermore, you don’t have to depend on someone else’s advice and strategy to invest money in the market. If you have sound knowledge of stock market you can easily manage trades on your own and make a huge profit eventually.

Why perfect discount broker in India is preferred over full-service broker nowadays?

A discount stock broker only charges you for the actual trade. These brokerage companies won’t impart advisory services like full service brokers. But, choosing a discount broker over a full service broker is already an advantage. Many investors out there do not want to spend hefty amount of money on research calls or investment advice offered by the traditional brokers. So the main benefit of having discount broker is that you save a lot on brokerage. The minimal brokerage charges result in reduced trading cost for customers. All the additional expenses are cut short with discount/budget brokers.

For many years since the introduction of the discount broking or flat fee brokerage, you might have seen the great rise in the number of traders participating in the stock market of India. Yes, discount brokers suit all the astute traders. The uncertainty of winning or losing is genuine. Trading sector seems to have good scope as many people, say working and non working class have already persuaded towards it. Along with the increasing traders the urge to get the best discount broker in India has also been increased. Choosing the finest discount broking firm that offers excellent services at lowest brokerage is not that baffling. You can easily do so by comparing the major online discount brokers.

Discount stock broker in India: Conclusion

Discount brokers in India have witnessed the phenomenal growth over a few years. You can dig a path to endless trading opportunities with a perfect discount broker. To let you take a calculative decision in trading, the broker also offers analytical trading platforms. If you really want to actuate your profit goals, you should be aware of all the requisites associated with it. Best discount broker in India offers the top-notch trading services along with the necessary trading tools. The tech-driven approach of top discount broker gears up the trading process and results in quick order execution. The flat fee concept and quality features offered by the discount brokers made them stand intact for years now. Apparently, Wisdom Capital has been emerged as the best discount stock broker by offering excellent brokerage services ever.

If you get to know the insights, you would definitely find the best solutions to your trading. The easy customization features, drag and drop functionalities to manage your trading portfolio, technical analysis along with some premium services make the brokerage firm even more interesting. Cheapest Brokerage rate in the industry, high leverage in intraday trading, 100% secured transactions along with round the clock client based services make it a prime discount broker in India. You get an associate on the phone right away when you face trouble during peak trading hours.