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Advanced Features

Market Feeds API

Real-time market data stream for informed trading decisions and analysis.

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Basket API

Manages multiple assets as a single portfolio for efficient trading strategies.

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Portfolio API

Tracks and manages the user's investment holdings and asset allocation.

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Order Management API

Facilitates the placement, tracking, and execution of buy/sell orders in the market.

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P&L Statement API

Generates profit and loss statements to assess investment performance and financial outcomes.

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Funds API

Access information on account balances and fund transactions securely

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WISDOM CAPITAL brings to you best in class Trading APIs

Trade on your own trading platform while using our REST API
What are WISDOM APIs?

WISDOM API is a Trading API which is based on the REST architectural style. You can develop your own trading/investment platform, integrate with our system, and have a smoothly run user friendly experience using our REST API.

Executing orders in real time, monitoring the positions, and managing the portfolio becomes far easier with our REST API. Tailored user experience will help you to use your own innovative trading features; a customised and personalised interface will surely bring out the best trader in you.

There are two type of APIs on offer:

How do these type of APIs work?

Firstly, a user needs to generate API Authentication keys. This is only possible if a user has an active Equity trading account with WISDOM. Then API Authentication keyscan be generated with ease. If a user has a Equity trading account, he/she can sign up for a developer account and he/she is good to go instantly. A uniform flat fee is charged for accessing APIs. Only when a user logs into developer account, the fee structure is accessible.

Can only developers who know codinguse these APIs?

Not at all!! Any trader who understand the logic behind his trading idea can use them. A trader can then communicate his trading idea to code/software writer and the code can be written by any third party software coders. The software developer, guided by your idea, will then code your trading tools/strategies and will also connect them to our trading system. Logic can be developed by the coder in Excel, C+, Python, dotNet, JAVA, and embedded in charting software tools such as NinjaTrader, Amibroker. Using our REST API, a number of programing languages can be employed to connect your tool to our trading system.

Do you provide any Simulation Trading before a trader wants to go Live?

Of course. Please feel free to contact us at

Some key benefits of WISDOM API:

API Documentation:

Trading API:

Benefits of
Wisdom API

User-friendly trading interface
Secure, Efficient Design
Risk-free simulator testing
Personalized Support
Multi-language Compatibility

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