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Among the different types of investments in a stock market, the trading in equities is considered as the most profitable and secured one in terms of ROI (return on investment), and a way of making money within a short duration. An equity or stock is a share of a company purchased by an investors to trade in a share market. Equities in a stock market are being traded offline or online. With the advent and proliferation of computers & internet and ease of access, online equity trading now-a-days is more prevalent and popular.

The online trading in equities is done in stock market, where, shares are issued and traded through exchanges and over-the-counter markets. A trader is benefitted in a stock market on the basis of price difference they earn either by selling or buying an equity.

Additionally, stock market, where buying and selling in an equity occur, is a place for companies to get access to capital for their expansion and growth in return of selling their shares to a trader. The possession of a company’s shares by an investor is primarily based upon the expectation of gain and returns for its investment in a particular share.

Overview: Equity Markets

Overview: Equity Markets

Equity market is the part of the stock market, where, buyers and sellers of shares meet in order to participate in the equity trading. Other parts of the stock markets on the basis of financial instruments are commodity and derivative market.

However, the shares traded in the equity market can either be public stocks listed on the stock exchange or privately held stocks. There is another way to trade in through dealers in privately held stocks that is recognized as an over-the-counter market.

The stocks possessed by an investors is a part of ownership in a company held by him in return of capital investment in a company. On the other side, company sold its shares to an investor to raise money to meet out its expansion and any other requirement of the capital. Thus, an investor becomes a shareholder in a company and shares owned by him are called equities or stocks.

There are two ways a share is traded in a stock market. A share first is introduced in a Primary Market as an IPO and then after its capping period is over, gets released in a secondary market to be traded. After the issue of stock in a secondary market, the investors can buy and sell it in a secondary market. The equity trading is being held in the both exchanges, national Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Importance of Equity Trading

Importance of Equity Trading

Among the different types of investments in a stock market, the trading in equities is the most profitable and the attractive one for a retail investor. A trader in a secondary market can invest in shares of different companies according to the assessed future performance. Each stock in a secondary market have a symbol for the purpose of trading while placing an order, for example, TCS, HDFC, RIL, etc.

However, a trader should not jump straight away in investing into a stock or a trade. He rather should have a good awareness and knowledge of the fundamentals of equity trading. The most important convenience offered in online equity trading by the discount brokerage companies is facility to trade any time of the day. It is mostly available to traders 24X7.

The most attractive feature of online equity trading is ZERO and variable brokerages and leverages offered by discount brokerage companies like Wisdom Capital. It can be easily executed by the owner of the shares or by an agent certified to purchase and sell on behalf of the share’s owner that is known as to be a stock broker.

There are Several Benefits of Equity Trading as Given Below:-

Managing risks in Equity Trading

An important part of equity trading in short terms positions like intraday more than profitability is managing risks.

More than chasing returns, it is managing risk that is of paramount importance when it comes to equity trading. Stop losses help a lot in managing risk and is an insurance against the volatile markets. By regularly observing the positions by setting news, price, corporate announcement and chart alerts, the forecasting can be made to avoid risk in equity trading.

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Best Equity Trading platform in India

Most Basic Tips to Master Equity Trading in India

In the present trading market, various stockbrokers from all across the India are providing online equity trading on a broad range of equity and options markets. In latest times, several citizens plan to trade equities and place all on the shoulders of fundamentals. Although every investment can’t be always gainful, but on the basis of trading skills and knowledge, there are always good option and possibility for you as an investor to make the enormous amount of earnings from the equity trading market.

Equity trading is the very simple process. All you require to do is buy shares of a company. To do so, people require demat and an equity trading account. Then people will have to connect this trading account to your savings bank account to transfer money with no trouble for the buy of equities.

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