Zero Brokerage Online Trading Account in India

Zero Brokerages in India: An Overview

If one wants to invest in stock and commodity markets, then one has to make sure the he/she is in touch with a stock trading specialist or advisor; this helps the investors to keep losses at bay and make handsome gains from the share market. Nonetheless, there are risks involved and unless a trader is very committed and disciplined, it isvery easy to getinto the negative zone while trading in the share markets. A trader must be aware of nuances of trading in order to stay away from the losses. One of the very effective ways to make a buck in this market is to get in touch with a professional trading expert or get advice form the veterans in the market.

Once one decides to enter the markets, one has to open a trading and demat account. In the due course, the trading account, broking account and bank account will be linked for a seamless process flow while trading. For this purpose, one must go to a broker: one that offers lowest brokerage plans.Brokerage plays a vital role in trading profitability.If one pays least brokerage on an income from trades, the profitability increases.

Comparison of Brokerage Saving and Account Opening Charges in India
Account Opening Charges Brokerage charges Brokerage intraday cash Brokerage Delivery cash Brokerage intraday FNO Brokerage Carry FNO Brokerage Intraday MCX Brokerage Carry Mcx Brokerage Intraday CDS Brokerage Carry CDS
Wisdom Capital Free Lifetime Free 0.00% ZERO 0.00% ZERO 0.00% ZERO ZERO ZERO
Zerodha Rs 200 Rs 20 Rs 20 Free Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade
Rksv Rs 200 Rs 20 Rs 20/Trade Free Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade
Samco Rs 500 Rs 20 Rs 20/Trade 0.10 or Rs 21 Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade Rs 20/Trade
Sas Online Rs 300 Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade Rs 9/Trade
Angel Free 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
Zero Brokerage Plans: Importance

Ever heard about Zero Brokerage unlimited trading plans? There are quite a few trading plans on offer in the market. Contrary to the claims, the prevailing Zero Brokerage schemes in the open market are more of gimmick wherein the broker charges some hidden fees on the trades even though the brokerage charges are shown to be zero. So, a serious trader needs to cut through the clutter and make informed decision about choosing the right plan. Wisdom Capital’s ‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’ is transparent and a much better representation of Zero Brokerage plans wherein there are no hidden charges.

‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’ by Wisdom Capital: An Explanation

Wisdom Capital’s investment and trading solution,‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’,is the best online trading solution whereby a trader can trade unlimited without worrying about any upfront or hidden charges.Wisdom Capital is one and only broker that offers a trading solution viz. ‘Free Online Trading & Investment Zone’ in India where traders can invest and develop their trading ideas without worrying about any brokerage fees.

Benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading Plan

The exceptional benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading Plans with Wisdom Capital follows as:-

  • With Zero Brokerage Trading plans,a traderisnot bothered about the size/lot of the buy and sellorders.
  • With Zero Brokerage plans,the break-even point is lower because the expenses are lowered; A direct result is a boost in the profitability of the trade.
  • No hidden fees at all since transparency is the name of the game.
  • A trader can freelytrade on all major exchanges in India
  • Many brokerage houses are quite persuasive in asking their clients to increase the trade volumes so that the broker can earn high brokerage. With this plan, there is no such implicit influence on the trader.
  • Easy account opening procedures.
  • Instant fund transfersand seamless to and fro process.
  • Instant phone and e-mail support

To get information about excellent Zero Brokerage Lifetime Unlimited Trading Plan for Equities or Commodities

Call at Toll-Free No 1800-123-9343 and easily open a trading and demand account instantly!!!!

Best Lifetime Freedom Plans under Zero Brokerage Trading Plan

Lifetime Freedom Plan is an immensely successful flagship solution launched under Zero Brokerage Trading Plan is initial of its type introduced in India for active traders. The Lifetime Freedom Plan offers free activation for lifetime unlimited trading in ever segment at each exchange viz., NSE, BSE, MCX or NCDEX.

Features of Lifetime Freedom Plan Follows As:-
  • Free of Charge Demat & Trading Account Opening

    With this plan you can open free trading account in many segments of NSE or BSE or MCX or NCDEX. Additionally, you can also open a free Demat account at Wisdom Capital

  • Lowest Transaction Charges in the Trading Market

    Transparency is not just a buzzword at Wisdom Capital. We go way beyond – Whether, it is about our brokerage rates or transaction charges, we believe in offering our clients absolute clarity in our dealings. You can check it further at our Brokerage Calculator for accounting the leverages and margins.

Suitable for: Investors/Regular Traders/Active Traders.

  • Call & Trade/Offline Trade Cost: 20/Executed order
  • Digital contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email.
  • Hard copies of contract notes shall be charged Rs. 20 per contract and also extra courier charges.
  • NSE costs, transaction costs, and legal levies will be charged as applicable
  • Software Charges will be applicable @ 99/- + GST per Month per Segment for NEST/ Wisdom Pro.
  • Trading terminal BEST is free for NSE Segment.
  • Above described offer is appropriate for only internet trading.
  • The plan would not be valid once the account is dormant.
  • Terms and Conditions can be subject to change.