Wisdom Capital Trading School

It is always better and a wise step for the beginners to join a suitable, small course so that they do not burn their fingers in this market. Because we have a fairly long experience in this market and we have observed that students or people reach us only when they have lost everything in the market. It happens to most of them who enter this market without knowing the ABC of it.

It is worth spending a few thousands of rupees and a few weeks to understand the market and its behavior rather than going into it without any formal knowledge and loosing all the money (Lakhs & crores).

We are neither magicians nor Gods. But like any other school teacher we will try our best to educate you so that later you are on your own. You will not have to rely on Tips, Gossips, and Suggestions from anybody. You will listen to yourself only and rely on the price and volume movement of the market with a few technical indicators attached to it.

The people, who are already trading actively in this market and not feeling comfortable, can also be benefited with our small course.

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