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Equity Trading

Equity Trading
Our retail equity business caters to the needs of individual Indian and Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investors. Wisdom Capital Group offers broker assisted trade execution and automated online investing on all the stocks in BSE and NSE. If you seek advise, we have seasoned investment advisors to help you invest in stocks. If you are an expert investor, we offer you Live Wisdom Data at a minimal price to research a stock and to trade or invest.

More still, you have variety of options to trade in stocks:

Delivery Trades: Like a stock for long term? Take delivery and wait for the gains

Intra-day trades: Like a stock but only for a day? Simply trade intra-day by taking a margined position and trade and gain from the intraday volatility of a particular scrip or Index.

Derivatives Trading

Derivatives Trading
At Wisdom Capital, we not only help you invest in stocks but also help you mitigate risk by hedging your portfolio positions through variety of Futures and Options strategies. And, if you like to speculate, we offer seamless trading in Futures and Options on NSE .

Commodity Futures

Depository TradingCommodity Futures
Gold and silver have been invested in for long by investors and kept safely at secure locations. With commodity futures in India, you can invest in precious metals like gold and silver without the need of securing them. . You can trade in almost all metals, agri and non-agri commodities

Depository Trading

We offer Inhouse NSDL depository services.



Live Data

Wisdom Data Feed
We have been partnered with Global Data Feeds to provide our esteemed client

most accurate live data-feeds at a discounted rate for world’s best charting software’s like AmiBroker, MetaStock, Ninja Trader, MetaTrader 4 & AceCharts.

TradingSchoolIconWisdom Trading School
It is always better and a wise step for the beginners to join a suitable, small course so that they do not burn their fingers in this market. Because we have a fairly long experience in this market and we have observed that students or people reach us only when they have lost everything in the market. It happens to most of them who enter this market without knowing the ABC of it.

Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services
In today’s complex and varied needs it is utmost important to plan for tomorrow. At every income level, the things whether owing a home, starting a new business or finding a suitable way out for a comfortable retirement, everything comes with an attached price tag. It makes sense to develop well-defined goals and to map out appropriate strategies to turn your dreams into reality. Planning towards your finances certainly help you out in reaching your goals by evaluating your existing financial picture well.