Avail the Best Discount Brokerage Services

As a leading online stock broker and precursor of discount brokerage in India, Wisdom Capital offers an exclusive array of trading facilities and services to its esteemed clients across different market segments. The range of trading facilities offered by Wisdom Capital is as follows:

Equity (Stock) Trading

We offer online trading facilities in equities, catering to the needs of individual Indian and Non-Resident Indian (NRI) retail investors. Wisdom Capital offers broker assisted trade execution and automated online investment in all stocks in BSE and NSE. In order to facilitate a trader to take a guided decision, we offer advisories by seasoned investment professionals to invest or trade in stocks. For an expert investor like you, we offer live Wisdom Data at a minimal price to research into a stock and further trade or invest it.

Ways To Trade In Equity
  • Delivery Trades:- For long terms gains in stocks, Wisdom Capital offers delivery based trading facility. In it after buying a stock you can hold it in a demat account till you are not willing to sell it.

  • Intra-Day trades:- Want to earn from a stock but only for a day? Simply trade intra-day by taking a margined position and gain from the intraday volatility of a particular scrip or index.

Derivative Trading

At Wisdom Capital, we not only help the traders to invest in stocks but also encourage them to mitigate risk by hedging the portfolio using futures and options contracts. A number of Futures and Options strategies can be used in order to move towards profitability. Futures and Options trading is offered via NSE platform.

Commodity Futures

Gold and silver have been investment vehicles for long by investors and have been kept safely at secure locations. With commodity futures in India, a trader can invest in precious metals like gold and silver without the need of keeping them in physical form, instead these contracts are kept in demat format. Traders can trade in almost all metals, agri and non-agri commodities.

Depository Trading

As a depository participant (DP) of NSDL, Wisdom Capital offers a secure and convenient mean to hold securities. Our range of DP services are inclusive of features like opening of demat account, dematerialization, rematerialization, trade settlement and others.

Wisdom Data Feed

In order to provide data feed related services to the esteemed clients of Wisdom Capital, the company has partnered with a number of leading financial Global Data Feeds; These data feeds are in order to provide most most accurate live data-feeds provided at a discounted rate. for Charting softwares such as AmiBroker, MetaStock, Ninja Trader, MetaTrader 4 and Ace Charts. are available to clients for better and informed decision making.

Wisdom Trading School

It is always better and a wise step for the beginners to join a prep suitable, small course so that they do not burn their fingers in this market. Wisdom Capital has observed that newbie traders reach out to brokers only when they have made huge losses in the financial market. For this purpose, Wisdom Capital has ventured todo its bit and educate few newbie traders. The aim of this endeavor is to ensure that the new set of traders enter the markets with an existing knowledge of share trading terms and practices. For more details Click here.

Financial Planning Services

In today’s complex world, it is utmost important to plan for tomorrow. At any income level, everything comes with an increased price tag; whether its owing a home, starting a new business, or finding a suitable way out for a comfortable retirement. It makes financial sense to establish well-defined goals and map out appropriate strategies to turn the dreams into reality. Planning goes a long way when it comes to matching the goals with the current income.

Mutual Funds

We offer best Mutual Funds plans and services: These include prompt and secure online order processing, buying, switching and redemption. Current and historical NAV data for different Mutual Fund schemes can be accessed using special analytical tools. The types of funds offered by Wisdom Capital include:

  • Equity Fund

  • Hybrid Fund

  • Debt Fund

  • ELSS Fund (Tax Saving Fund)


Wisdom Capital aims to provide the clients with best insurance covers and plans at a competitive premium pricing. The clients can go through our online insurance plans and enjoy a smooth paperless insurance buying options within minutes. The type of insurances offered by Wisdom Capital include:

  • Life Insurance

  • Term Insurance

  • ULIP Plans

  • Car Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Travel Insurance