Semi-Automated Algo Trading

Semi-automated type of trading is similar in functions to the fully automated part, but there is a slight difference in the inability of the semi-automated systems to make orders. While fully automated ALGO trading systems are meant for traders, who have a good number of experience in the share market and know their trading strategies well, semi-automated software is a little diverse.

Semi-automated software conducts the analyses and provides estimates of the best market condition at the moment that would suit the trader and his trading style. The algorithms are used in this system to provide basic and simple trading speculation regulations. Note that orders are not to be placed with the exchange!

Semi-automated trading is a crossing point between NEST trading platform/NSE NOW and the Amibroker – Charting and Technical Analysis platform). This automates almost all the tasks associated with the buying and selling of orders.

What are the issues with this system?

Recently, there have been issues with the system. Traders maintain the non-connected setups for order management and technical analysis. When there is a signal trigger in the charting platform, the traders place an order on the platform manually. This is not made for frequent traders, and they should opt for our fully automated Algo trading system.

How does it work?

Whenever the signals trigger in analysis platforms or charting, it will instantly reflect in the OMS. It will pick up the information of intended trade from analysis platforms automatically. Depending on the user’s status, the orders will be placed on NSE as per these two scenarios: –

1. For a dealer – The order reflected in the charting platforms will be placed on exchange NSE.

2. For a retail trader – If the user is a retail trader, then the order reflected in the charting platforms will be reflected in the NEST OMS. The user will be reviewing and accepting the order so that it gets placed on the exchange. Also, no prior approval is needed for strategy from NSE.

This is all per the SEBI/ exchange regulations. For more details and queries, you can consult our experts.