open free trading account

To easily trade in share and commodity market, open an account with Wisdom Capital. We are the top online trading services provider firm and always aimed to fulfill all the requirements in the effective manners. We are offering 3 different methods to open your account without any trouble. These are given below:

  1. Request Online Account Opening
  2. Request Offline Account Opening
  3. Request a Soft copy via email
  4. Request A Courier

1. Request Online Account Opening

You can open an online account instantly if you have registered KRA. To move forward follow the steps discussed below:

open an account


After E-sign, the process is complete. Your account will be activated for trading within 2 hrs only.

2.Request Offline Account Opening

Wisdom Capital is the reliable source of online share and commodity trading firm in India. You can open an account by requesting offline for enjoying trading. You can open your account by following all the steps given below:


offline account opening

3.Request a Soft copy via email

1).  Send a mail to, requesting a soft copy of blank forms for activation of the account.
2).  Take print-out of downloaded account opening forms.
3).  Stick photo and sign across it.
4).  Sign in required places.
5).  Attach a self-attested photocopy of required documents as per instructions booklet.
6).  Then courier the completed forms to us at the below-mentioned address:-

4.Request A Courier

Courier Wisdom Capital

1).  Send us an email at with your address and contact details and we will courier the form to you.
2). Please note that couriered forms carry an account opening charge of Rs. 250. Online and download account opening are completely free @ Wisdom Capital.