Introduction of Advanced Charting: Wisdom Pro


Introduction of Advanced Charting: Wisdom Pro

Let’s explore what new we have at our charting workspace. We have transformed the WisdomPro charting to advanced genre of Chart IQ, which is comprised of immensely beneficial tools & aids that will enhance your trading decisions for sure…

Dual Themes

Explore the charting at your comfort, one can switch in between Day & Night mode for eased appearance & visibility.

#Numerous Candles & Chart Styles

Pick your favourite style of Charts & Candles. Whether you like Coloured Candlesticks, Heiken Ashi, Simple Bars or Renko Charts, you have got plenty of options right there to choose from.

#Resourceful Toolbox

A bunch of potential tackles to perform technical analysis up to its full degree,is given along. The space carry rare tools like Fibonacci projection, Gann Fan, Arcs & many more that are available exclusively at WisdomPro.

#Trading from Charts

Easy accessibility & Freedom to place the orders right from the charts.

#New Indicators & Studies

Almost every known indicator exists in the studies section including the money-machine Super trend, Anchored VWAP, Pivot Points, Pring’s indicator,etc More in the queue.

#Save Layout & Custom Configuration

Save your favorite configuration of chart settings and custom indicators once and pick the same in single click henceforth by saving it.


Do share your drawings,discovered patterns and studies to anywhere you wish. Use the share button to generate the link & send it to your friends via social platforms.

Check out the video explaining the same :
Hope you like the update.
Happy Trading!