Safety of Funds

Wisdom Capital is a stock brokering services provider: A company that provides trading platforms such as NSE NEST, NSENOW, Wisdom Pro, Wisdom Trade, and Fox Trader to its clients for trading purposes. A customer centric company with a passionate inclination for technology, Wisdom Capital is promoted by a seasoned management team: The team at the helm makes sure that client’s funds are not used for any objective except for clients’ trading purpose only.

Wisdom Capital was incorporated in 2013 but the management team has been associated with the broking industry and financial markets since 1996.

Deb Mukherjee and Bharat Bansal, amongst others, are the promoters of the company who also hold directorship in the company.

Wisdom Capital practically keepsthe operating cost at the lowest by operating from a single and centralized office located in Delhi & NCR. The company provides no frills services; this adds very little the operating cost of the company in comparison to traditional brokers. This concept is known as ‘Discount Broking’: one that is very popular in developed countries.

Equity, F&O, Currency, and Commodities on NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Equity –NSE, BSE, Derivatives- NFO, BFO, MCX, NCDEX, CDS in all segments intraday, Delivery Trading.

Wisdom Capital ensures your Safety of funds to its optimum level. Stocks Trading being a SEBI regulated entity, your funds are always kept in a fully segregated account as per SEBI Rules. We are an online unit of Ashlar Securities Pvt. Ltd. Registered in Indian Stock Exchanges NSE-CM: INB231371833 | NSE-F&O: INF-231371833 | NSE-CDS: INE231371833 | MCX-SX: INE261371833 | USE:INE271371833 | BSE: INB011371839 | MCX: MCX/TCM/CORP/0264 | NCDEX: NCDEX/TCM/CORP/0977 | ACEL/TCM/CORP/0224 | ICEX: ICEX/TCM/CORP/0312 | NSEL : 13740 | DP ID -IN303921 | SEBI Regn. No. : IN-DP-NSDL-342-2011 There are many things that are already in place to ensure that your funds are safe, some main points are : (i) Client funds being kept in a separate bank account, known as client’s pool account. A Broker/Sub broker/AP/Franchisee cannot mix client and profunds together in any way. (ii) Investor Protection Fund – There’s an Insurance Policy kept in place amounting 10 Lakh for each trading account, traders do open with various Brokers. This amount is collected from a part of your transaction fees charged by the exchanges to help clients recover losses in case of electronic, systematic or other non-client related failures. This is maintained by the NSE/BSE/MCX.