• We are currently providing NSE NOW & NEST, Fox Trader. In NOW software you can trade only NSE & BSE exchanges. In NEST you can trade all segments including MCX. If you wish to trade in all segments like equities & commodities etc, NEST is a perfect match for you as a single terminal for all segments e.g. NSE, BSE & MCX. Also, Fox Trader helps you in taking intelligent trading decisions with its analytical features.

  • In options, we do provide up to 8X leverage in MIS for shorting under Ultimate Plans & 5times under pro plan. Buying options will have 1-times leverage.

  • Intraday equity: When you take a trade in equity and square the position off before the end of the day, it is called as intraday equity trading. Since you are not the position overnight, we provide you a margin or leverage of up to 60 times on A Category Shares and stocks those are listed enlisted in F&O. So approx 200 liquid stocks to trade for intraday. This Unique Product has been named as MIS (Margin Intraday Square off). Our margin calculator tool has a list of all stocks and the MIS leverage you get. When you take a trade using product type as MIS, if you don’t exit it on your own it will be auto squared off at 3.20pm by our RMS team.
    Equity Delivery: When you buy stock and hold it overnight, it is called as delivery trade. At Wisdom Capital, you need to use product type as CNC while placing a trade to take delivery of equity stock. The product type CNC will show up in your order window only if you have a Demat account mapped to your trading account since you would require a Demat to take delivery of the equity that you purchase. We do provide up to 5X leverage in CNC subjected to 18% interest annually. Also, you could use your delivery based shares for intraday margin after Haircut, so it will be approx 70%. NSE-CASH MARGIN