Highest Leverage Stock Broker for Option Writing/Selling

Ultimate Plan Exclusively Designed for the Premium Clients

The Ultimate plan is specially designed for HNI (High Networth Individual) clientele. Ultimate Plan offers maximum leverage benefits to our premium clients: The plan not only offers high leverage but also provides priority support for easy and convenient trading without any hassle.

Please find the detailed description below in respect to leverage in different product categories:

An Overview of Ultimate Plan
Ultimate Up to 10X Upto 4X Up to 2X Up to 2X
Ultimate Plus Up to 10X Upto 4X Up to 2X Up to 2X
Ultimate Plan at a Glance
Exchange Segments Exposures/Limit Provided Trading Platform Brokerage Charges Live Data Feed* Alpha Trading System#
MIS BO/CO NRML(BTST)/Carry Wisdom Pro/Wisdom
Trade/ NEST Trader
NSE Futures Upto 2X Upto 2X 1x Free 0.005% Free Free
NSE Options upto 2X in selling Upto 2X in buying & selling 1x Free ₹ 15/Lot Free Free
NSE Currencies Upto 2X NA 1x Free 0.005% Free Free
NSE Cash Upto 10X Upto 10X Upto 4X Free 0.02% Intraday
0.02% Delivery
Free Free
MCX Commodities Upto 2X Upto 2x 1x Free 0.005% Free Free

* Fox Trader Charges are to Reimbursed

Product types explained
Bracket Order/Cover Order (BO/CO)

The Bracket Order and Cover Order requires a trader to place the order along with stop loss and/or target price. BO allows freedom to the traders; Freedom of setting the order to one’s specification and then forgetting about it. If the order criteria are met, the bracket order triggers and the trade is executed. In fact, BO is combination of three order rolled into one order: Entry position, the exit position, and the stop loss position.

On the other hand, a CO is a particular type of order that allows a trader to take an intra-day position and take benefits of additional leverage while guarding the trader’s losses via a stop loss order. The system takes two simultaneous orders: a market or limit order and a related stop loss orderwhich gets triggered only at the specified stop loss trigger price. This combination of orders is called a Cover Order.While placing these automated trades, the risk is reduced, thereby allowing the trader maximum leverage.

In placing (BO/CO) order, a trader is provided with maximum leverage in Ultimate and Ultimate Plus Plan accounting to:-

  • Equity Segment – Up to 10X
  • Future & Option Writing – Up to 2X
  • Option Buying – Up to 2X
Margin Intraday Square-Off (MIS)

The MIS is an order which has to be squared off within one particular trading day(trading hours are between 09:15 am to 15:30 pm as Indian regulatory standards).Although it gets squared off the same day, it lets a trader to transact with low margin in cash, futures and currencies futures. A trader needs to be fully proactive and be fully aware about the market conditions during the day. In Ultimate Plan, the leverage is provided only to the highly activeclients who trade very frequently.

Details of leverages provided as per this plan:

  • Ultimate Plan:- In Equity segment, up to 10X leverage is provided and in Future & Option Contracts up to 2X leverage is provided by default*.

  • Ultimate Plus Plan:- In Equity segment, up to 10X leverage is provided and in Future & Option Contracts up to 2X leverage is provided by default*.

(*)The default margin or leverage is provided on all days, but it also depends on market conditions and thus, can be reduced in case of high volatility in market.