Low Brokerage High Exposure & Margin in NSE,MCX/Commodity

PROFESSIONAL PLANS: Low Brokerage Online Trading with the Highest Intraday Exposures or Margins in NSE/COMMODITIES/MCX

Apart from the freedom plan for the basic traders, Wisdom Capital’s professional plans are designed for experienced traders who trade frequently and regularly and can optimally use the trading facilitates offered by Wisdom Capital. For a trader who understands his exact margin requirements, the leverage required to carry trades, and is familiar with the probable profit and loss movements of the associated trade. This type of trader is particularly familiar with the brokerage cuts and has clear cut view on how to manage his risk while trading. In order to cater to these specific requirements, Wisdom Capital offers advanced trading plan for professional and active traders. The Pro Plan is perfectly crafted for a skilled trader that allows highest limit in a typical ‘per trade’ mode.

‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’ by Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital investment and trading solution ‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’ is the best online trading solution, where you can trade unlimited without worrying about upfront brokerage or cheapest charges. It offers one of the best opportunity to explore your online equity and commodity trading ideas in practice. Wisdom Capital is the ‘one & only’ broker offering ‘Free Online Trading & Investment Zone in India’ where masses can invest & explore their trading ideas without worrying about, even, minimal brokerage fees. There are many ‘Zero Brokerage Trading Plans’ are devised under ‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’ where a trader can bid on a script.

Wisdom Capital: Pro Plan at a Glance
Exchange Segments Exposures/Limit Provided Trading Platform Brokerage Charges Live Data Feed* Alpha Trading System#
MIS BO/CO NRML(BTST)/Carry Wisdom Pro/Wisdom
Trade/ NEST Trader
NSE Futures 1X 1X 100% Free ₹ 9/Trade Free Free
NSE Options 1X 1X 100% Free ₹ 9/Trade Free Free
NSE Currencies 1X 1x 100% Free ₹ 9/Trade Free Free
NSE Cash Up to 5X Up to 5X 1X Free 0.01% Intraday
0.01% Delivery
Free Free
MCX Commodities 1x 1x 1X Free ₹ 9/Trade Free Free

* Fox Trader Charges are to Reimbursed

The Exclusive Features of Pro Plans :
  • Lowest Brokerage & Breakeven in the NSE/BSE/MCX: Up to 20X Leverages.

    Wisdom Capital offers Rs. 9/trade irrespective of number of lots on NSE, BSE & MCX. Trading and Demat account activation is absolutely free at Wisdom Capital. However, lifetime Demat maintenance charges are levied @Rs. 999/- and payable once throughout the life of a Demat Account. There is no maintenance cost for trading accounts.

  • The Highest Intra-day Exposure in the Industry

    Pro Plan is especially designed for proficient traders who have an insatiable need to do more every time. It is a remarkable trading plan allowing traders to trade Nifty with 85000, Crude with 50000 & Mega Gold with 215000 margins. Intraday Cash margin is up to 10 times.

  • Single Trading Terminal NEST with Advanced Features

    You could trade all market segments i.e., NSE Cash, F&O, Currency and MCX Commodities with single & ‘State of the Art’ Trading Terminal NEST with advance features viz., NEST Plus, Algo Plug-ins, MIS, CO, Live & EOD charts etc.

Suitable for: Active Traders & Professional Traders.

  • Call and Trade/Offline trade charges Rs.20/Executed Order.
  • Digital contract notes and all other statements would be sent via email.
  • Physical copies of contract notes shall be charged Rs. 20/- contract.
  • Courier charges extra.
  • NSE charges, transaction charges, and statutory levies will be charged as applicable.
  • Terms and conditions can be subject to change.
  • Above offer is applicable for the Internet trading only.
  • Data feed prices will be reimbursed from brokerages in the subsequent month.