Best Online Trading Platform in India

Trading Platform- That brings you a serene way to trade.

Does trade turn you on? If yes, we are going to stand a chance to make you all aware of array of services provided by our discount brokerage firm Wisdom Capital. Even though it offers free account opening facility in trade, it doesn’t compromise with the technology. It serves the purpose in equities and other avenues at NSE/BSE and in commodities at MCX/NCDEX. Besides the market trend updates, it commences an art of precise trade activities.
Best Online Trading Platform in India | Best Mobile Trading App in India
Endurance even at high levels of data streaming.
Real time access to market variables.
Keep your wig on with the perfect experience through your cell phone.

Wisdom Capital- Trading Terminal:

Equipped with state-of-the-art trading tools and features, it is best suited for professional traders. With some notional aspects, the key features are:
Connectivity :  It employs NEST desktop. It’s trading terminal gives continuous connectivity during market hours without any hung up issues.
Order Types :  It provides additional order types like Cover order etc, in addition to NRML, CNC and MIS. Reliability is excellent.
Charting : It offers advanced charting tools which as a result reduces the time taken by complicated calculations.
Amiable data display and storage :  Sequential records of multi-leg orders, storage of analyzed data received from the market.
User Friendly access :  Privilege of using the interface on number of systems monitors at the same time for multiple user benefits. Techniques to evaluate real time quotes. Trade across different financial segments. Online fund transaction is completely safe.

Wisdom Capital also presents the Fox Trader- An intelligent trading terminal. It is robust, reliable and supports automated trading. The insights of the trading platform include much more. Like, it facilitates the standard decision making based on proper analysis and meets other trading requirements also.

You can explore the enticing features of the Fox Trader here: Wisdom Capital Fox Trader

Best Online Trading Platform in India | Best Mobile Trading App in India
Wisdom Capital is the most cost effective way to invest in the share market. It is flexible and versatile in its services. It gives you an easy access to the trade with its reliable browser application and mobile trading application too. If you are looking forward to plunge in to the market dynamics, you can explore our website to take sound judgement for our portfolio.
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Some key- takeaways of Wisdom Capital-WEB HTML 5:

Have access to NSE, BSE, MCX in a unison manner and decide your next step without any doubt. With all the necessary tools available, it becomes highly efficient for the user interface. Besides this trade becomes simple and easy.

  • Auto-update is available.
  • It’s flexible to work on different web browsers.
  • Margin details are available, you can check it first, before any kind of trade.
  • Real time support.
  • Hassle free trade.
  • Personified charting and order types.

 You will not encounter any damp squib in this online trade platform.

Mobile App: Trade Eye

Now you can get updates and notifications of the market trends and easily access your demat account information by simply using your mobile phones.

  • You can directly place order using this mobile app.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It is highly efficient.
  • It gives high degree of performance.
  • It’s secure and has good analytics.
  • Featured with notifications pop-up.


Best Online Trading Platform in India | Best Mobile Trading App in India
Best Online Trading Platform in India | Best Mobile Trading App in India

Wisdom Capital-Technological Attributes:

  • Wisdom Capital charts can be accessed any time during both market hours and off market hours.
  • It has multiple indicators.
  • It engages NEST, licensed through NSE and has robust server which takes less time in taking out modified data.
  • To be frank, the tools on wisdom capital are mostly operational whenever you need them.
  • It focuses on user’s requirement and resolve the specific issues.

Some other characteristics:

Track your Trade ON THE GO   

You can track your trade activities with the message updates, you get from us.

Low brokerage charges

Wisdom Capital offers zero brokerage plans in multiple avenues.

Margin Calculator

Before proceeding for trade, you can easily calculate margin using margin calculator available on our website or mobile application.

Refer & Earn

You can refer your friends and make money using this trade platform. While referring your friend, you can get 25% , 50%, 75% of amount, depending upon the amount of brokerage your trade offered.

Multiple trading platform

It offers equity trading, futures, options and commodity trading. Besides this it also supports derivatives trading.

Efficient and reliable

It holds over and faster in terms of account opening and other services.


It is backed with good customer support and client handling facilities.