Online Stock Trading

An Overview of Online Stock Trading

Among the various saving option available to an investor, online stock trading is most profitable and return savvy choice for him. In comparison to other avenues to investment like real-estate and gold, online stock trading offer much higher returns, both for long term as well as short terms periods (intraday trading). It is indeed an inflation beating option of trading with a long term investment horizon for ten years and beyond.

Online stock trading is particularly is being done in and through the stocks and equities in a stock market. An investors by the means of trading invest into a financial instruments like shares, bonds, derivatives and mutual funds. Trading, here means by selling and buying stocks on the basis of their values in a market place known as stock exchange. The most popular stock exchanges, where, online trading in India occurs is NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Overall, for the purpose of trading, stock market is divided as:-

What exactly is a Stock or Share

A stock is an ownership certificate with an investor that have share in a company amounting to the value of that particular stock. An investor can own a share of company by following two paths and means. Either, an investor can purchase a stock in a primary market, here, the company launches them as an IPO to raise capital to meet their future expansion needs. Or, he can own the share in secondary market (Stock Exchange) and can keep it in his demat account or can immediately sell it for a profit.

For a common investor online trading in a stock market or exchange is preferable done through desktop or browser based platform, however, with the proliferation of smartphones trading has become more handy and mobile for the investors and traders. Overall, stock market is a place, where stock or shares are traded for profitability and good returns.

Evaluation and Estimation of a Stock’s Price

Stock prices are determined in the marketplace, where seller’s supply meets a buyer’s demand. But have you ever wondered about what drives the stock market—that is, what factors affect a stock’s price? Unfortunately, there is no clean equation that tells us exactly how a stock price will behave. That said, we do know a few things about the forces that move a stock up or down. These forces fall into three categories:

  • Fundamental factors consisted of earning per share (EPS) and P/E ratio.

  • Technical factors like trends and charts.

  • Market sentiment.

Who is an Online Stock Trading Broker

A stock broker is a person or an organization that has a great knowledge of investments in stocks and shares. It is always there to provide the effective solutions so that with its effective marketing strategies, a trader could earn a good return on his investment. Therefore, it is always advised that, whenever, he feel like investing in the stocks and market shares, always try to have an experienced stock broker or discount broker on his side.

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Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Discount Broker like Wisdom Capital

Hiring experienced discount stock brokerage Services Company like Wisdom Capital, increases chances of trader to have better return on his investment. With a discount broker, there are better chances that trading decisions by a trader will be well informed and correct. The benefits offered by a discount broker to an investor follows as:-

  • A discount broker guides a trader through all processes of stock broking and earn rewards and points on his behalf and pass them on from the market. It sets a goal for trader’s investment heading towards a better returns.
  • Being an expert in the stock brokerage field, it takes cares of entire documentation process like KYC and demant and trading account opening. Wisdom Capital is the reliable source of the online stock trading in India.
  • The biggest advantage offered by discount brokerage companies is India is affordable pricing set. They chargs comparatively lower brokerage and offer the best leverage to a trader.
  • Discount brokers through their trading platforms offer technical analysis facility including charts and tools to help a trader to conduct proper script research and make knowledgeable trade.
  • With an intensive amalgamation of technologies like fast platforms, online KYC and other features, the trading with a discount broker is quite fast and efficient. A trader place and execute orders, instantly.
  • Most of discount brokers like Wisdom Capital are now offering eKYC facility added with free demat and trading accounts.
  • Finally, in online stock trading, the customer support services offered by brokers happens to be of an exceptional level. There exists an instant resolution of any problem faced by a trader.

Thus, Wisdom Capital is a leading discount broker of India offering the best trading platform and the lowest brokerage to an investor interested in online stock trading.

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