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How can I know the other charges associated with brokerage?

You can check all the other prices with the help of brokerage calculator.

What does the term STT mean in the given brokerage calculator?

It is extended as Securities Transaction Tax, payable in India. It is basically paid on the value of securities (not in case of commodity and currency) transacted through a prominent stock exchange in India.

Is Stamp Duty charge same for all Indian states?

No, it varies in different states of India. States deprived of online transaction facility have the same stamp duty charges as applicable in U.P.

Is placing and modifying an order, possible with Wisdom Capital? If Yes, Is it chargeable?

Yes, It is possible but it is not chargeable.

What are the other charges involved with brokerage?

STT, Transaction Charges, GST, Stamp Duty and SEBI Turnover Fees are other charges which are displayed while you use brokerage calculator.

What is STT charged with Delivery based equity trading nowadays?

It is 0.1% for the segment mentioned above.

Are there any other charges involved apart from the ones being mentioned in the brokerage calculator?

An Offline Call and Trade Charges (Trades done through phone and positions being squared off by RMS will be charged as Rs 20 per executed order)

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