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Refer and Earn

Earn big with Wisdom Capital! Our associate program brings an opportunity for all of you to be a part of a unique business idea where you can earn money by referring fellow traders. You can either refer a friend or a client to sign up and start trading with us. You will automatically qualify to become an associate for us. Simple, right?

Why be a part of the associate program?

We believe that the best way of advertising is the old-school method, which is word of mouth. The companies get a budget of 20% for advertising and instead of spending all of it on mediums like newspapers, social media, TV, etc. we want to help grow our business by sharing it with you.

How does it work?

You can keep earning for as long as you want, and you will earn every time a client you referred makes a trade with Wisdom Capital. Check the table given below to see the pricing that will be given to you once brokerage is generated by the referred client. The best part is that there is no limit on how many traders you refer which means that the more you refer, and the more people trade with us, the more you earn!

Refer & Earn

This was never before on direct referral plan. Where you can earn a lifetime Income from the people whom you know is a trader. Your knowledge will bring you money and that is unlimited. The more you refer the more you can earn money.


We know that, in this competitive era of  business and trade, everybody needs to pep up their efforts to accomplish their trade objectives. While dealing with such things, we bring you an opportunity to earn beyond your trade.

 It works as:

To portray a clear image of what we are talking about, the following table is given below. Wisdom Capital offers unlimited earning opportunity from direct & indirect referral income.  Company disburses 50% (25% direct referral & 25% indirect referral) of their earning from brokerages, Demat maintenance charges, Call & Trade charges etc.

Direct Referral

Total Brokerage from referralsEarning
up to 2500025%
25001 – 5000050%
Above  5000070%


Indirect Referral

Total Brokerage from referralsEarning
Level 25%
Level 35%
Level 45%
Level 55%
Level 65%


Even at any damp squib in the process of your trade, you still earn with the help of  this refer and earn method.

For your ease, it is also explained in the form of snippet .

In Refer & Earn process, as you already know, if you will refer your friend to have trade with our brokerage firm, then you will be rewarded with 25 % on brokerage up to Rs 10,000. Also, this direct deal can give you 50% for brokerage between Rs 10100 to 50,000 and 75% on brokerage above Rs 50,000.

  • Client A refers Client B (Client A will be rewarded with 25% on the brokerage earned from Client B)
  • Client B refers Client C and so on (Earning same as above).

Besides this, if a chain of X clients is formed from indirect referral, here X is any number of clients who are participating in this chain of referrals.

 25% of amount earned through Client Xth brokerage will be given to that (X-1)th client as per direct deal.


  • Client B refers Client C
  • Client C refers Client D and so on up to X clients.

Then, (X-1) clients from starting, linked one after other, through chain of indirect referrals will be benefited with their second reward of 5% each.

In short, Client A, B, C, D, E….(X-1), will have two rewards at the end i.e. 25% from direct deals and 5 % from the chain formed.

The offer is genuine. It enhances your account with the rewards earned through such referrals.

How to get started?

  1. Open an account for yourself first. Once your account will be activated by Wisdom Capital, you will be able to refer others.
  2. Post your link in emails, forums website, social networks etc. When the user will sign up, he will be considered as your referral and you will be paid accordingly.
  3. Track your referrals on the Back office page, here.
  4. Track your earnings from Wisdom Capital Back office here.

For more details, you can get in touch with our executive, or you can drop us an email on or talk to our CC executive at our toll free No 1800-3000-5048.Earn big and grow together with us!