Here is my view.

We are in a secular Bull Market. Primary and intermediate trend is Up as on date. According to me there is no weakness seen as far as primary trend is concerned.

I would love to watch 4500 & 3900 level with great interest for the year 2010. Until 4500 gets broken by weekly closing basis there is no threat for intermediate trend and subsequently 3900 for primary trend. If 4500 gets protected we can watch the level of 7500 by end of 2010. In any case and assuming the worst scenario as far as world market is concerned Nifty will not break 3900 level during 2010 – 2011.

By Apr 2012 Nifty can achieve 15000 Target at end of this secular Bull Market.[/QUOTE]

As written earlier 3900 or even 4500 not broken during the year 2010 & 2011, but subsequently targets were also not met.

Hence Corrected time frame for Nifty Targets:

7500 By 2012

15000 By 2014

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