Last updated: 21 Jan 2019

#SymbolExpiry DateLot SizePriceC/F MarginMISMargin
Cover OrderMargin
1Alumini31 Jan 20191000133.15  141 71
2Aluminium31 Jan 20195000133.1  131 71
3Copper28 Feb 20191000429.35  111 200
4CopperM28 Feb 2019250429.35  112 200
5CrudeOil19 Feb 20191003854  58 200
6CrudeOilM19 Feb 2019103854  58 200
7Gold5 Feb 201910032091  160 200
8GoldM5 Feb 20191032089  160 200
9Lead31 Jan 20185000141.85  92 71
10LeadMini31 Jan 20191000141.9  90 71
11NaturalGas28 Jan 20181250238.2  25 71
12Nickel31 Jan 2019250838.7  97 71
13NickelM31 Jan 2019100838.8  113 71
14Silver5 Mar 20193039198  120 71
15SilverM28 Feb 2019539229  122 71
16SilverMIC28 Feb 2019139233  123 71
17Zinc31 Jan 20195000185.3  85 71
18ZincMini31 Jan 20191000185.3  84 71


MCX/Commodity Margin FAQs

What is MCX?

MCX: MCX stands for Multi Commodity Exchange. It was established in 2003 and is based in Mumbai. It is also an exchange like BSE and NSE where commodities are traded. It is considered as an India’s largest commodity futures exchange where the clearance and settlements of the exchange happens. MCX as an exchange comes under the regulatory purview of SEBI.

What are the commodities being traded in MCX Exchange?

Commodities like Gold, Gold Mini, Silver Mini, Crude Oil, Crude Oil Mini, Natural Gas, Agro Commodities, Copper Mini etc. fall under the category of MCX.

What does a margin calculator do?

Commodity Margin calculator: MCX Margin Calculator will help you calculate the MCX Margin requirements to persuade you with commodity trading and intraday commodity trading in India.

What does MCX margin for positional trading comprised of?

The gross MCX margin for positional trading holds Exposure Margin, MCX Span Margin and the Extreme Loss Margin (ELM).

What is the margin required for crudeoil in MIS in an ultimate plan?

Approx 3713, for updated value please check MCX Margin Calculator.

What is the lot size for SILVERM?

5 Kg, For live value Click here MCX Margin Requirement.

How much margin is required to buy 10 lots of Gold in Intraday?

185140 approx

What is the lot size of Natural Gas and its margin required in MIS?

1250 is the lot size and 3321 is the margin in intraday.