We have compiled the most commonly asked queries about us, account opening, brokerage, and other topics, here.

1. What is Wisdom Capital All About?

Wisdom Capital is a Private Limited Company, mainly focussed in Indian Equities and Commodities Market. Full name is Wisdom Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd.

2. Since When You are into Broking Industry?

We are into this Industry since 2005, Large scale Business gets started in 2013.

3. Who is the owner of Wisdom Capital?

Mrs Sudeshna Mukherjee and Mr Pralay Shankar Chakraborty are Directors/Owner of this Company among others.

4. How do you charge so less ? What is the Catch?

We are a team of around 8 and do as much turnover as reputed broker does with 10 time bigger team.  We practically keeping our operating cost really low, by operating from a single and centralised office located in Gurgaon.  This concept is known as ‘ Discount Broking’ and very popular in developed nations

5. What Exchanges can I trade on with Wisdom Capital?

Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodities on NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.

6. How safe is my money with your company?

Wisdom Capital ensures your Safety of funds to its optimum level.  Stocks Trading being a SEBI regulated entity, your funds are always kept in a fully segregated account as per SEBI Rules. There are many things that are already in place to ensure that your funds are safe, some main points are :

(i) Client funds being kept in a separate bank account, known as client’s pool account. A Broker/Subbroker/AP/Franchaisee  cannot mix client and pro funds together in any way.

(ii) Investor Protection Fund – There’s a Insurance Policy kept in place amounting 10 Lakh for each trading account, traders does open with various Brokers.  This amount being collected  from part of your transaction fees charged by the exchanges to help clients recover losses in case of electronic, systematic or other non-client related failures. This is maintained by the NSE/BSE/MCX.

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