We have compiled the most commonly asked queries about  Brokerage.

1. What are the Brokerage Plans available with WC?

a). Freedom Plans : Unlimited Trades @ Rs 9/Per Executed Order Across NSE/MCX or Rs.  999/Month, 5555/year or 9999/Lifetime.
b). Freedom Pro Plans : Trade @ Rs 9/Lot in NSE/MCX F&O, Currency Rs. 2/Lot. Cash Intraday 0.009% and Delivery 0.09% or Flat Rs 2999/month.

2. How can I change my pricing plans?

Yes that’s quite possible with Wisdom Capital.  For this please download ‘Brokerage Change Form’ from download section, fill it properly and do sign in required places, scan it and send it to  Maximum by 24 working hours your plan would be changed.  Please Note : Plan could be changed once in a month and frequent requests for plan change should be avoided.

3. How does Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime Freedom Plans being charged?

On Activation of accounts default Brokerage is being charged. Monthly/Yearly or even Lifetime Freedom Plans will be activated subjected to your written/email confirmation and availability of sufficient funds in your trading account.

4. If I wish to avail Monthly/Yearly or Lifetime Freedom/Freedom Pro Plan’s middle of the months?

  On activation of account default brokerage is being charged as 9/Trade for Freedom Plans & 9/Lot for Freedom Pro Plans.  Fixed Monthly/Yearly or even Lifetime charges are being debited @ Month to Month and all such charges are being debited from client’s trading account on 1st working day of the month subjected to availability of the month.  It is advised that client may continue to trade for few days @ default Brokerage and opt for Monthly plans from succeeding months.  However if client wish to choose Monthly plans in between of the month Brokerage of entire month will be debited irrespective of leftover days in a particular month.

5. Do I need to send pricing cheque in advance along with account opening forms if I wish to open account with Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime Freedom Plans ?

No. You need not to send advance cheque for whatsoever reasons.  After activation of accounts when you will be transferring funds, it will be debited from your trading account subjected to your written/email confirmation and availability of sufficient funds in your trading account.  Till then default Brokerage will be charged.

6. Where do I see all other charges?

Visit our brokerage calculator to know the exact charges.

7. What are the Stamps Duties being charged?

Stamp Duties being charged as Rs 100/Crore for Equities & Commodities irrespective of Clients states.

8. Can I have more than one plan simultaneously? Just say Lifetime Freedom Plan in NSE & 9/Trade in MCX?

 Yes, you can mix Default & fixed monthly/yearly/lifetime across exchanges within Freedom or Freedom Pro Plans.  This allows you to save money at your convenience. Say you are a heavy NSE F&O trader but don’t do much trading on MCX products. You can sign up for the Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime Freedom Plan for NSE F&O and may continue with Default Brokerage for MCX. However, Freedom & Freedom Pro Plans can’t be mixed either.

9. What are the 'Call & Trade' charges?

When you place an order over the phone using any of our dealers, we charge an additional charge of Rs 20 as Call & Trade per executed order.

10. If I don’t execute a single trade for entire month, my monthly fees will be refunded?

If you don’t trade for a month charges will be carry forwarded for next month.  On completion of two consecutive months fees will be considered as software/services fees and neither it will be extended further nor it will be refunded.  It is emphasised  that Yearly or Lifetime plans are non refundable either.

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