We have compiled the Most Commonly Asked Queries about Account Opening.

1. How to Open A Trading Account?

Get a callback or speak to a sales manager on Toll Free No 1800-3000-5084 for assistance. For our online application, Please click here to know the exact procedure to Open A Trading Account

2. What are the Trading Account Opening Charges?

Trading & Demat Account activation across all segments are completely Free at Wisdom Capital where clients are arranging printout at their own.  However, for Demat (DP) ₹ 700/Lifetime + Taxes is chargeable.

3. Does WC Representative Visit Me to pick Up the Forms?

Yes, For Offline clients Our Reps Used to Visit & Collect Forms & Documents from Respective Clients. Account opening Charges are 500/- per segment is being charged for Collection of Forms

4. Which account should I open and what are the charges?

Its Completely Your Wish. You Could Choose Either A Single Segment like NSE F&O or All Segments i.e. NSE Cash, F&O, NSE-Currency & MCX

5. Any Annual Maintenance Charges?

 Trading Account is having Zero maintenance charges for Wisdom Capital clients. However, for Demat(DP)  ₹ 750/Lifetime is chargeable.

6. What is DEMAT Account?

“DEMAT Account = Share Bank”. A Depository is like a bank where securities are held in electronic (dematerialized) form. In India, there are two Depositories -National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Under the Depositories Act, investors can avail of the services of the Depositories through Depository Participants (DP) such as F6 Finserve. DP’s are like bank branches wherein shares in physical form need to be deposited for converting the same to electronic (demat) form. To enter into the system you have to open a Demat account with a DP for which an application in the prescribed form is to be filled and signed by the applicant along with supporting documents for different categories of Demat accounts.

7. Is It Compulsory to Open A Demat Account With You?

No. It’s Not Mandatory to Open a DP Account with us, You Could Link your Existing DP account with A Trading Account With US. However For Opening a Equity Trading Account DP is Compulsory With US.

8. How Much Time it Does Take to Open a Trading Account?

The Equity and Commodity Trading Accounts are being Activated Within 08 Working Hours from When We Receive the Complete & Correct Forms.

9. How Much Time it Does Take to Open a Demat Account with You?

At Wisdom Capital Demat accounts being Activated Within 08 Working Hours from When We Receive the Complete & Correct Forms.

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