We have compiled the Most Commonly Asked Queries about Margin Policy.

1. Derivatives Trading – NSE Futures, Currency & MCX

Futures as such are inherently leveraged which means that to buy X amount of futures you need only a small portion of it called as margin in your account. This margin to buy futures is stipulated by the various exchanges.

While trading futures at Wisdom Capital you can use 3 product types:

NRML (Normal)

To take position as NRML you will need the complete exchange stipulated margin, but once you take a position as NRML you can hold the position till expiry.

MIS (Margin Intraday Squareoff)

MIS is used by intraday traders as all open positions get squared off before the end of day. But since no position is carried forward overnight the margin required is also lesser than the exchange stipulated margins.

At Wisdom Capital we do offer upto 10X leverage in MIS subjected to following terms and conditions depending upon Trading Plans :

1). Upto 3X limit is available for Freedom Plans.

2). Upto 5X limit is available for Pro plans.

3). Upto 8X limit is available under Ultimate plans.

4). Please Note : 8X Limits are available only above the margin ledger balance of 10000/- and 5X above 5000/- only. If your ledger falls below 10000/- or 5000/- you limit will be decreased to 5 and 3 times respectively from next trading session until it gets increased to required amount again.

CO (Cover orders)

Cover orders is a unique feature where you can trade intraday using market orders but with a definite and compulsory stop loss. Since there is a stop loss placed, the risk of the position reduces and hence the margin required to take it reduces as well. Using cover orders, you can trade futures with lesser margins than NRML and MIS. Presently Cover order facility is available for equity and currency futures only.

All the required NRML, MIS and CO margins are updated on our Equity futures margin calculator, Currency Futures Margin calculator and Commodity futures margin calculator daily.


2. Options Trading – Equity (Stock & Index) & Currency

In options we do provide upto 10X leverage in MIS for Nifty only under Ultimate Plans. For rest all Plans normal exposures are being provided i.e. 1X for intraday as good as positional.

3. Equities/Shares/Stocks Trading

Intraday equity:

When you take a trade in equity and square the position off before the end of day, it is called as intraday equity trading. Since you don’t carry the position overnight, we provide you a margin or leverage of upto 30 times on A Category Shares and stocks those are listed enlisted in F&O, So approx 200 liquid stocks to trade for intraday. This Unique Product has been named as MIS (Margin Intraday Square off) Our margin calculator tool has a list of all stocks and the MIS leverage you get. When you take a trade using product type as MIS, if you don’t exit it on your own it will be auto squared off at 3.20pm.

Delivery Equity:

When you buy stock and hold it overnight, it is called a delivery trade. At Wisdom Capital, you need to use product type as CNC while placing a trade to take delivery of equity stock. The product type CNC will show up on your order window only if you have a demat account mapped to your trading account since you would require a demat to take delivery of the equity that you purchase.

We do provide upto 3X leverage in CNC subjected to 18% interest. Also you could use your delivery based shares for intraday margin after Hair cut, so it will be appx 70%.


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