Wisdom Capital : 100 Days Challenge

Wisdom Capital  presents the 100 day challenge which gives traders irrespective of segments or exchanges {on equity (stocks and F&O), currency, and commodities} an opportunity to put traders their trading skills to test.

What Does it All About?

The idea behind the 100 day challenge is to be a constant reminder that, at the end of the day, your time and effort need to be worthwhile. The challenge is to trade any or all of equity and F&O, commodity, or currency, and come out profitable at the end of 100 trading days. Each quarter there will be a healthy competition and all winners will be declared & listed in Wisdom Capital Website subjected to traders/participants consent.

What are Awards/Rewards for the Winners?

Each quarter all winners will get refunded their Brokerages along-with a certificate.  Top Ten performer will be selected to participate for Annual competition.  Winners of Annual Competition will be rewarded as per the followings :-

  1. 100% Brokerage Refund for 365 days for All winners.
  2. Cash Prize of 10 Lakh, 5 Lakh & 1 Lakh will be given to top three performers.
  3. Certificate will be issued to all winners.
  4. Top three performers will be given a chance to manage pro funds.